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No Longer on Pedestals

"...A powerful story that is both heartbreaking and heartwarming..."

- David Clohessy, National Director, Survivor's Network of those Abused by Priests


No Longer on Pedestals


Carol Kuhnert always trusted priests completely. As a child growing up in a strict Catholic family, clergy stood on pedestals next to God in her eyes. When her brother, Norman, expressed a desire to become a priest and entered the seminary after eighth grade, Carol had no idea that one day, her daughter would reveal a shocking secret: Norman was a serial pedophile.

Stunned and angered by what she learned, Carol not only reveals how she confronted her brother and the Catholic Church but also reflects on the events that led up to that moment, providing a poignant glimpse into her faith, her belief that priests were infallible, and her trust in the church, its leaders, and their assurance to her that they were handling everything. But as time passed and Carol struggled to understand why molesters were being left in active ministry and victims were being ignored, she details how she embarked on a purposeful crusade to prompt the church to take action and bring justice and hope to its sexual-abuse victims.

No Longer on Pedestals shares the powerful and inspirational true story of one woman’s journey to the truth and her subsequent heartfelt mission to reach out to abuse survivors after she learns her brother is a pedophile priest.